We who do not accept the “normal” view of the “reality” we are presented with by the general society we live in, a reality which we are expected to believe and take at face value, we will instead require a higher truth, or as near as we can get to it. We have all heard of the dark and sinister “powers” said to be used by certain occult groups empowered by sociopathic uses of their great wealth who want certain things to always “go their way”, and when it is important enough to “them”, they will make it happen. One way or another, some of their methods are basically undetectable in forensic terms and ultimately, if needed, terminal violence is an option carried out by their minions without remorse.


We believe that their power has been used to buy up and control all of the major media players, such as our News and Entertainment outlets, who have then editorially shaped all of the common information sources that we all have been indoctrinated to rely on what they place in front of us as being the truth. They have a very long range plan in operation, intended to guide society down a certain path which will culminate, if they are successful, in our complete enslavement. That is the goal of the “Elite” interests, it is rather secret, and supposed to be known only by the few nearest to the top of the “need to know” hierarchical arrangement, which has been arranged in the shape of a Pyramid, with “them” at the very top peak and the rest of us much closer to the bottom where individually we have little control, if any.


We, the average citizen, for the most part, does not have an objectively provable “handle” on who “they” are, rumor, conjecture, and conspiratorial theories abound though … and in my own search deep into the arcane realms where occult secrets present themselves, in part only, I have recently come across a web-site ( ) that sheds light on the “darkness” (all things are relative and often subjective as much or more than objective). Those folks, the authors of the Blog linked, make no bones about how they see us and what they intend to do to us. Yet it appears that within their ranks there are differing “factions” where some desire more “finesse”, and others would use more outright “brutality” to get their way.


The former are the ones, I believe, that I have communicated with on that site. In the short time that I have been exchanging thoughts with them, I have been led to look ever deeper into that subject, ie; control from the “dark side”, and I have come to think, so far, that we all should maybe look a bit deeper into that realm, let fear allow some caution, because there is potential danger involved, but be open to whatever truths are involved. Let your INtuition (your higher Self~INner Spirit) be your guide. By holding the correct frame of mind, you could consider “them” less an “enemy to be destroyed” but rather, hopefully, just a “worthy adversary” granted their rights by GOD also (INcludes subservient God and gods) to allow free will choice for one and all to create their own reality, they go dark while we attempt to go light.


Common Duality (+/-) demands of us, that we strive for the best, that considered the (+) (positive and good) and our placing as much distance from the “other”, those we would comparatively label as the (-) (negative and bad) so as to use that distance as the “shield” (/) that “divides” the (+) from the (-). That way we would hope to be protected from what we believe to be their malevolent and very destructive tendencies. In the resulting discord involving the conflict generated by fear of the relatively unknown, our thinking often produces that which we would prefer to avoid. In Duality (+/-) it is always “the other” that is seen to be the greater problem. (of course that can be seen the same way in reverse and the one calling the shots always deems “his side” to be the better of the two).


But our Universe actually works on the principle of a Trinity (+=-) … where Spirit is really Neutral, the (=) in between the commonly “polarized” choices made by most of us. It is the same Spirit that “talks to and guides” each of us, allowing us to make free will choices for the experience that we desire (or think we do at the moment of choice) … some folks let greed guide them, others have more altruistic desires … of the “two” extremes, the seeming dichotomy of polarization, we will find either a GOD in the form of Love .. or … a God, or god, based upon Fear. Some folks have “sold their souls” to the devil, among them are those blinded by their greed, who enjoy more what they see as the “rewards” for their “shrewdness” in the making of money, and those others, even richer, who have been at it longer, who may have found themselves “trapped” in their own “darkness”, the relative extreme of negativity, and they may thus justify it by “worshipping it” as they  would a god or God, the symbol of their destiny. With no hope for “better” (as we would see it) they become resigned to their “condition” … or if still “optimistic” by their standards, they expect “their” god or God, to give them more of what “they want”. Having already gone “too far” in that direction, they feel completely trapped but try to fool themselves into believing that there will be a “payoff” of some sort at the end.


On the other hand, when one becomes “Spiritual enough”, they then find that GOD is involved and the Spirit of GOD makes their position in it ALL justified, as no one takes the paths that they do, other than by free will … if someone appears to be “forced” or to be “victimized”, what is really happening is that their Karma is being played out … and that can be, and may be, spread out over many incarnational experiences, Karma is the truth of “what goes around comes around” showing the importance of the “Golden Rule” …  but those already mentioned, those that tend towards the Darkness, probably misunderstood the rule and by viewing it materialistically, rather than Spiritually, just went after the “Gold”, wanting it in hand, knowing that in this fallen society, with enough of it, they can make the rules … at least affecting those who they see as their “subjects”, the “lowly” masses less well off which they will attempt to enslave.


Those of us that have figured that all out to the degree that we see it as it really is, a Trinity of (+=-), can live a life of love with a future expectation of more love, staying on that path we will find Love and then LOVE. We then will have genuine pity for the “others”, at the same time knowing that we need not fear them. In knowing that, we need not seek their destruction, just allow them their paths and only  attempt to wake those who are open and are willing to try thinking in Trinity (+=-) rather than in Duality (+/-) … the “higher road” being but a recommendation, to each their own. If we feel that they are”trapped” in their negative reality, just know that it is of their own making, no problem, at some point we have to allow them their own destiny. By then, they may still believe it is just what they want , remember, those with the most “Dark Power” are “empowered” by the negativity, the more negative the better by “their” standards.


Confront Fear with Love, that that works is the Truth that sets you Free, hopefully, others will recognize that.  IMnsHO and E.


PS … the more “Evil” the ones of this world are, as Leaders, they know that the Truth is a Trinity (+=-), but “they” usurp the (=) unto themselves, using the “power” of (=), in their case a “negative version” (spiritual evil), while they try and convince, through subterfuge and duplicity, the masses, their subjects, that they themselves, as evil personified, do not even exist, (except as Satan in religious stories) that any such charges made by us are just silly “Conspiracy Theories” which it is said that only idiots would believe in. The “idiots” then are told that Duality is “the only game” where within the masses there is good and there is evil (churches support that view to the feeble minded) and that the “bad” (eviler) are “those others” … so whichever side you take, you generally would claim to be of the good (or you would not have taken that side) and the “other” is then, by default if nothing else, naturally bad … while the “sides” conflict with each other, negative energy is created which the “puppet masters” feed off of, both materially and spiritually.


We need to become aware that the “tool” of the “dark” is “Divide and Control” and as we “fall for” that supposed dualistic truth, we become useful pawns and possibly their eventual victims. Parasites require a host that is alive, one that will feed them the energy that they can suck from it, if that is you, then only when you die will they transfer to another source … the healthier (Spiritually and thus physically) you are the most resistant you are to parasites. In Nature (and humankind) there exists the BALANCE and that is defined within (+=-), I think that “we” have more choice than most of the nature around us, Karma is the Justice that comes due, the result of free will choice finally playing out.  IMnsHO and E.  THIS LINK offers the ALTERNATIVE to EVIL. (The SOLUTION to the BANE)


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